Monday, June 30, 2008

Conquer or Defeat

Today there were several items on my to do list.
  • wash dishes - ants are attacking when we leave them more than a few minutes
  • clean living room - looks like a tornado went through here
  • call MD retirement system - wondering if I still have money somewhere there from those 3 torturous years I worked there
  • call to make a massage appointment - desperately need this
  • make dinner - promised Sarah that dinner would be ready when she got home because she was leaving for a 'going for drinks date' and wanted to quickly eat before she left
  • grocery shop for dinner - all the meat in the house was frozen and I did feel like defrosting
  • cut grass - tackle the fear of the lawn mower
  • go through mail and send out bills - rent is due and the mail was getting high
  • knit on Aunt Suz's socks - she's coming soon and I want to have them finished to give them to her when she gets here

Well, let's see how I did.

  • wash dishes - nope
  • clean living room - where is the living room again? shouldn't it look lived in anyway?
  • call MD retirement system - has anyone seen my phone?
  • call to schedule a massage - having 'woman issues' today and the thought of anyone touching my body makes my eyes spin to the back of my head
  • grocery shop and make dinner - Ora came over to help solve the lawn mower problem so there was no time to go grocery shopping or cook dinner before Sarah came home. Ended up picking up Chinese.
  • cut grass - well half of it got done. It took like forever to figure out how to get the d*mn thing started. And then half way through it just stopped and I couldn't get it started again. Had to call in reinforcements. By the time Ora came, it was raining and there would be no cutting the rest of the grass today.
  • go through the bill and mail them - well, went through the bills and wrote them all out but didn't actually take them to a post box, just left them for the mailman to pick up.
  • work on Aunt Suz's socks - actually did that! Have one finished now and the other one is ready for the heal turn. I should have it finished tomorrow... or maybe the next day if I'm just as lazy tomorrow as I was today.

So I guess that I was sort of defeated today. But really I don't feel bad about it at all. I got to add to the list helping a friend with her first sock and some dropped stitches. Hopefully the knitting karma will make up for my short comings today.


Channon said...

Nah! You're a conquerer. You got quite a few things done there...

Grace Yaskovic said...

i do the same thing but always start the list with get out of bed and end it with go to bed and I KNOW I will get 2 things done everyday!!!!